March 29, 2016
Here is a great interview and article discussing how consumers are becoming more aware of bioavailability enhancements and may be willing to pay more to get these benefits. Listen to the interview and read the article...
March 22, 2016
These specialty water dispersible compounds were developed in collaboration with 3i Solutions, a developer of ingredient nanodispersion technology. “About 20 years ago, we began working with 3i Solutions to perfect a stable, highly bioavailable, water dispersible, liposomal PS. With 3i Solutions’ demonstrated capabilities and our combined...
March 14, 2016
Chemi Nutra Introduces Novel, Water Dispersible, Health Benefiting, Specialty PS And PA Phospholipids For Functional Beverages
February 27, 2016
Charles Brain
3i Solutions “We at 3i Solutions have found the attention emanating from the recent NY AG investigation a positive. The investigation questioned the testing and efficacy of the products addressed and led to criticism of the entire industry. While the original complaints were critical of the dietary supplement industry...
Kevin Smith working in 3i Solutions' Wooster production plant
February 22, 2016
WOOSTER, Ohio - Scott Peters, a 1989 College of Wooster alumnus, understands the power of on-the-job mentorship both as a giver and as a receiver. The opportunity to work at a Wooster R&D company the summer before his senior year prompted the chemistry major to change the focus of his senior Independent Study (I.S.) and also convinced him that...