Our Mission

3i Solutions’ mission is to provide a path to success for our customers…

By imagining new product lines that customers may not have felt possible,

By innovating and supplying superior ingredients for those products,

And by implementing a support strategy to assure our customers fulfill their goals of bringing healthier products to the market.


3i Solutions makes a difference by giving you the best possible product for your customers. We believe deeply in five Core Values which guide our daily lives. By living these values we believe we will meet or exceed expectations of our customers, regulators, and stockholders.

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Customer Service is the key to our success

We believe customer service excellence is more than product delivery; it's how we think and act. We support our customer's products from development through product maturity. We go beyond fixing a problem or developing a product. We develop a relationship with our customers by anticipating needs, providing prompt, detailed communication, with a focus on a superior customer experience every time.

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Innovation is what we do

Innovation is our competitive advantage. We identify, develop, and provide innovative solutions to product challenges. We understand the opportunities in our industry and generate forward thinking solutions to capitalize on them. We are collaborative innovators, learning from our experiences and creating our future.

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Integrity is a guiding principal in everything we do

We have an unwavering commitment to operate with high moral values. We work on projects that are in the best interest of the consumer, and will only work on projects that are a benefit to society. We have the utmost respect for our community and everyone using our products.

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People that make quality products

Every employee embraces the concept that we are responsible for our collective success. It is sustained by the genuine respect, care, and trust we share for one another including our suppliers, customers, shareholders, and community.

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Quality in everything we do

Our commitment to quality ensures the integrity of our brand and the trust we build with customers. The quality of our people and excellence in our operations, leads to distinctive, highly regarded products for our customers. We don't compromise our standards, and we don't take shortcuts.